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Why Use A Liquid Inoculant?

Liquid inoculant bagWhat form of inoculant is best to use can depend on a variety of factors. Available equipment, the environment and cost can all have an influence on the decision. While there is no one answer that covers every scenario, the affordability and efficacy of liquid-based inoculants has certainly improved over time and made their potential use more appealing. Listed below are several reasons why using a liquid inoculant might offer the most benefit:

  • liquid inoculants contain high concentrations of rhizobia to make sure every seed is adequately coated
  • liquid is the most effective distribution of the rhizobia as the inoculant is applied only to the seed, while also ensuring proper adhesion of the rhizobia to the seed
  • being applied directly to the seed means the rhizobia is immediately present and accessible to the roots once germination occurs
  • new and improved chemistries have led to most inoculants being compatible with many popular seed treatments and helped improve the survivability of the rhizobia on-seed
  • liquid inoculants allow the seed to be pre-treated when possible, meaning one less tank is needed when planting and one less responsibility for farmers to have to consider
  • liquid inoculants are generally the most cost-efficient option

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Image source: XiteBio Technologies Inc.

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