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Protect Your Investment in Lentil & Pea Crops This Year!

lentil seeds
pea seeds
Attention to proper and adequate inoculation of your lentil & pea seed is essential to be able to maximize your yield and it has never been more important than this year with high potential returns, especially on lentils.

Inadequate or improper application of inoculant can have a significant negative impact on your lentil & pea yield. Application issues such as bridging of granular inoculant in a hopper or improperly calibrated application equipment can be costly, but liquid inoculant can ease this problem!

  • Application of a quality liquid inoculant as a seed treatment can maximize the number of rhizobia that come in contact with the seed for crown and quicker nodulation
  • No worries of bridging of granules in the air cart or, even worse, of failing to realise it until you stop to refill your cart, and then it is too late
  • Liquid inoculants are an economical alternative, and easy to use
  • Use of a liquid inoculant can free up valuable third tank space on your seeder for increased seeding efficiency
  • Some growers are moving to double inoculation in lentils, with liquid on-seed and  in-furrow application while seeding to ensure adequate coverage and access to rhizobia
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