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Storm Treater

Growing Advantages of Liquid Seed Inoculants

Storm Treater

When handling inoculants, growers are looking for convenience in addition to quality performance. A liquid inoculant that works consistently allows growers to apply the inoculant on-seed with the seed treatment.

New updates in treater technology, combined with improved liquid inoculants for pulses, now make liquid inoculants a more viable option to consistently maximise yields. Treaters like the Storm treater can handle large volumes for growers, and updates with the G3 and G40 allow for adding a second spray nozzle. With these improvements, sequential application of the inoculant is becoming simple, quick, and accurate.

On the inoculant side, new liquid products are gaining popularity, with growers using a combination of liquid and granular inoculants in some cases. With products like XiteBio® PeasRhizo, growers now have technology that allows for a grower to treat seed with a 24 hour window for seeding. Until now, liquid inoculants haven’t been able to give a long enough window for seeding, but XiteBio® PeasRhizo gives that window along with easy application and consistent yield responses. Advances like this in on-seed life and consistency are leading liquid inoculants to increase in popularity.

Consistency of yield response to inputs, including inoculants, is an essential consideration when growers are choosing products to maximise yields. With today’s strong pulse market, growers are increasingly demanding ease of use and consistent maximum yield responses from their inputs, and the new technologies reaching the market accomplish just that.

Image source: XiteBio Technologies Inc.

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